Why we need residential and commercial drainage

Our drainage systems:

  • Control surface water
  • Are used in a wide variety of internal as well as external applications inside homes, offices and commercial premises
  • Can be used to create Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Can collect and control stormwater
  • Can be used to create blue and blue/green roofs

Residential & Commercial Developments Project Solutions

Surface Water Drainage


MetroDrain pipes are used to collect and dispose of surface and sub-surface storm water. Perfectly designed for environmental water management, MetroDrain products can be used with pumps and sampling chambers, catchpits, soakaways, manholes and storm water attenuation systems.

Land Drainage

Kitemarked Land Drainage System

A single wall, corrugated pipe manufactured from high-density polyethylene, Naylor land drainage is quick and easy to install, and enables excellent water flow. For added quality assurance, Naylor Land Drainage Pipe is kitemarked (licence number KM 58740).

MetroDuct Twinwall System

MetroDuct Twinwall Ducting - Street Lighting/Traffic Signal

MetroDuct Twinwall System

MetroDuct Twinwall Ducting - Electric & Power

MetroDuct Twinwall System

MetroDuct Twinwall Ducting - Gas

MetroDuct Twinwall System

MetroDuct Twinwall Ducting - Water

MetroDuct Twinwall System

MetroDuct Twinwall Utility - Telecommunications

Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions

Smart Sponge

Smart Sponge removes and holds polluting hydrocarbons and oil derivatives from surface water run-off.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions

Aquavoid Metro

Aquavoid Metro enables efficient attenuation of stormwater run off at or near its source in accordance with current best management practice. If specified without a geomembrane, the system can also be used as a soakaway.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions


Enviroflow is a filtration and ground stabilisation solution designed for land drainage. Manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastics, the Enviroflow product uses advanced capillary action to redirect stormwater in any direction without clogging.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions


MetroPave grids are modular units which work in conjunction with neighbouring units to create an exceptionally durable, permanently porous, high load bearing structure when filled with either grass or gravel.

Trenchless System


Denlok is a vitrified clay jacking pipe system which is designed for use with trenchless installation methods including guided auger boring, micro-tunnelling, pipe bursting, pipe eating and slip lining.